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Providing creative solutions to unconventional problems since 2015.

Ijac Forensic Consulting Services, Inc. is a licensed Private Investigations & Forensic Consulting agency offering intelligence collection services, litigation support, and discreet investigative solutions to our clients. We specialize in the areas of wrongful death, insurance fraud, civil litigation & criminal defense.

Forensic investigation, as a methodology, is defined as “relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime.”

With over half of a decade of experience as a professional witness and thousands of hours of discovery preparation and document review; our principal investigators explicitly utilize the empirical method of reasoning to provide concise, definitive investigations.

Private Investigations

Forensic Consulting

Research &





[ Consultation Services ]

Forensic Intelligence is an increasingly important asset in our changing world- especially when confronted with a crisis, conflict, or questions that need definitive answers. 

IFCS Inc. excels in providing comprehensive consulting services, developing actionable plans and referring our clients to the best representation and subject experts.

[ Criminal Investigations ]


Many times, Public Criminal Defense and Law Enforcement agencies are overburdened with heavy caseloads and do not have the time or resources to resolve your investigation...


When it comes to criminal procedure, our team of private investigators & consultants have the capability to gather evidence in the field, examine forensic reports and review court documents to assist in discovery,
jury selection, plea bargaining, and litigation support.

[ Civil Investigations ]


With a long history of serving national insurance agencies and private attorneys, the investigation team at IFCS Inc.  can collect exceptional recorded statements & locate even the most evasive of witnesses.


From requesting supporting documents to canvassing scenes for video evidence, we do everything we can to support our clients as they pursue a favorable settlement in cases ranging from wrongful death and class action suits to insurance claims.

[ Background Investigations & Due Diligence ]


Before proceeding with any major decision, be sure to consider the background and integrity of the parties involved in a claim,  investment, transaction, or relationship.

Our agents know exactly which public channels to navigate in order to request state, county and federal public records.

IFCS Inc. also subscribes to a number of specialized and proprietary databases that can provide anything from an individual's criminal history to their financial assets and recent deposit information.

[ Missing Persons &
Skip Tracing ]


By utilizing both background investigations, human intelligence collection and field interview techniques, our agents and contractors can find even the most evasive individuals. 

We at IFCS Inc. utilize everything from traditional methods of sign posting and canvassing neighborhoods to high-tech approaches such as license plate readers, credit card records, and IP address tracking  to locate absconded or missing family members, uncooperative witnesses, missing persons and bail jumpers. 

[ Surveillance &
Undercover Operations ]


If a picture is worth a thousand words, surveillance video or a recorded confession are worth a million.


To bolster our physical surveillance operators, our agency utilizes license plate recognition and satellite tracking programs, as well as remote cameras and confidential informants. We can utilize gps tracking, single and multi-vehicle surveillance tactics to ensure visual contact across even the most rural and urban terrains.

In order to ensure our  operatives can blend in any environment, we utilize contractors & investigators of every gender, ethnicity and orientation.

I would recommend (Ijac Forensic Consulting) to anyone.


The white glove service that you receive from the moment your call is answered is outstanding.

Very responsive and professional.

Mr. Ijac provided quick, thorough and DISCRETE service. He was an efficient communicator throughout the whole process.
I was very impressed. I was expecting at least a month of wait for the info I needed, but Mr. Ijac was able to provide results in just a few days.


Incredible value.

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