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 About Us_ 

Ijac Forensic Consulting Services, Inc. 

License numbers:

Registered in the state of Florida as of  2022 & Rhode Island as of 2024, IFCS Inc. is a Forensic Consulting and Investigations agency.


Forensic investigation, as a methodology, is defined as “relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime.”

We are committed to providing detailed and unbiased investigations our clients, and to provide actionable information through empirical inquiry and careful deduction. Our team has a knack for locating evasive subjects and utilizing traditional and remote investigative technologies to create a thorough, detailed work product.


We specialize in collating data collected in our forensic reports, interviews, field work, surveillance, scene analysis and data review to provide concise reporting and to accurately encompass the “big picture” during complex assignments.

With over half of a decade of experience as a professional witness and thousands of hours of discovery preparation and document review; our investigators explicitly utilize the empirical method of reasoning to provide concise, definitive investigations.

Our method is simple: 

1. Establish Client questions and needs.
2. Perform research and review provided information.
3. Develop a hypothesis and develop a plan of action.
4. Test the Hypothesis with an experiment, execute plan.
5. Analyze the collected data and evidence.
6. Draw conclusions and compile summary reports.

Founded & Managed by Matthew J. Ijac, P.I., B.Sc.

[ Licensed Private Investigator ]

Matthew Ijac is the founder and principal investigator of IFCS Inc., and is an independent contractor who maintains himself as part of a worldwide network of private investigative professionals established through  organizations such as the Offices of the Broward County Medical Examiners, Nathans Investigations, Four Seasons Hotels, Delta Group (GA), Coventbridge Group, Allstate, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Summers Investigations, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Broward County Public Defender.


Florida International University, 2016-2018- Bachelor of Science
Criminal Justice  


National Investigative Training Academy, May 2021- Certifications -
Death Investigations, Suspicious Death Claims, Private Investigations

Miami Dade College School of Justice, 2017 - 
Class CC  Private Investigations Licensing Certification

University of Pecs Medical School- Baranya, HU, 2014-2016 - 
Medical Studie

Indiana University, 2011 - 2014 -

Mr. Ijac specializes in providing discreet, creative solutions for unconventional problems, something that has allowed him to provide exceedingly favorable results in the following arenas:


Criminal Defense Investigations,

Legal Document Review,
Missing Persons / Skip Tracing Investigations,
Insurance, Fraud and SIU Investigations,

Domestic and Interpersonal Investigations,

Assault and Misconduct Investigations,
Trafficking, Exploitation and Scam Investigations
Comprehensive Background Reporting,
Blackmail and Cyber Harassment Investigations,
Forensic Evidence Analysis,
Child Custody Investigations,
Corporate and Political Intelligence Operations,
Crisis Management,
Due Diligence Investigations

  -and more...

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