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Forensic Analysis & Testing

Get clarification on forensic reports and conduct scientific testing.

  • 4 hours
  • Price Varies
  • Remote

Service Description

For Forensic analysis, our prices vary based on the number of court-provided documents we must review for your case, as well as to summarize the technical reports provided to us. For laboratory and scene processing work, prices depend upon both square footage, hourly rate, and the cost of items consumed in addition to vendor and laboratory processing fees. IFCS Inc. has experienced scene investigators on staff to assist in processing any scene or incident. We are available to take fingerprints and compare them to potential suspects, as well as to match evidentiary materials for genetic content, blood content, and Rhesus blood type. Paternity, urine and/or drug testing services are also available to any of our clients, whether they are corporations, individuals, or families. We also retain specialists to perform psychological evaluations, handwriting comparisons, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (electronic bug sweeps), and digital recovery / computer forensic services. Our professional contractors are engineers, biotechnology laboratory and IT professionals, psychologists, physicians, attorneys and video / audio production professionals. On numerous occasions, our employees have also been assigned in a crisis management capacity to process a scene where a client sought clarity as pertaining to a specific event... but could not or did not want to contact the police.

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