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Covert and discreet video evidence collection-

  • 10 hr
  • From 600 US dollars
  • Subject Residence or Business

Service Description

Our surveillance packages are all inclusive, booked as 10 hour blocks to accommodate for spot checks to establish subject location and documentation of any activity that occurs within the allotted assignment window, as well as travel time and mileage. Our agents specialize in collecting interior video wherever your subject may go - whether it be a grocery store, a nightclub, or a restaurant... If there's no legal reasonable expectation of privacy we will use every piece of covert video technology we have access to in order to obtain the documentation you need for your case. Retained hours will be split accordingly amongst field agents in the circumstances of multi-investigator surveillance assignments. A remote surveillance unit (RSU) can also be assigned to any case either as a standalone service or as a supplement to traditional surveillance. Each day of RSU deployment is $600 USD, however when they are used as a supplement to traditional surveillance their deployment price decreases significantly. RSU's are are a cutting edge technology utilizing disguised stationary surveillance cameras with wireless streaming capabilities and extended battery life to monitor a fixed location for a pre-established period of time. These are excellent for establishing a subjects daily routine, capturing domestic activity, and documenting businesses, residences, and known rendezvous points.

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